In-house Teeth Whitening: Pros and Cons

In-house Teeth Whitening: Pros and Cons

Everyone wishes to have a beautiful, white smile. In a desire to get that dream look, many people opt to get teeth whitening products from stores at affordable prices or discounts. The most common in-house whitening products are whitening toothpaste, whitening strips, whitening gels, bleaching trays, etc.

In-house teeth whitening is getting quite popular here in Greensboro. So, it is essential you keep in the notice about its pros and cons on your oral health.

Pros and Cons of In-house Teeth Whitening

Here are some of the pros of in-house teeth whitening:

  • Improve Your Whole Look

This is the first and main reason why you desire to have a bright white smile. The discoloration and stain on teeth are caused by smoking or drinking stain-causing drinks. This may affect your self-esteem. But attaining a white smile can boost your confidence and enhance your appearance.

  • Cheaper Way to Reach Goal

Teeth Whitening is a cheaper way of getting a bright smile in the comfort of your home. But, it would be best to seek advice from your dentist before using the kit.

  • Safe to Use

If used properly, you can get your favorite smile, as these whitening products contain hydrogen peroxides which should be used according to the given instructions.

Now take a look at the cons of in-house teeth whitening:

  • Having teeth sensitivity

You may experience some discomfort while using teeth whitening products, especially sensitivity. If not used properly, the products may affect the enamel of the teeth, which results in teeth sensitivity.

  • Temporary results

The effect of whitening as per the care one gives. It may not long for people who have the habit of smoking and drinking too much coffee or tea.

  • No immediate result

If you are using whitening toothpaste, it may take months to increase just a few shades of teeth.

What teeth whitening product should I go for?

We always suggest going with professional teeth whitening as it is the safest of all. This teeth whitening performed by dentists is done carefully, keeping in mind the health of your gums and teeth. The results you wish, you can get in just one visit!

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