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cosmetic dentistry

The advancement in dentistry has made it possible to enhance your smile to perfection. Cosmetic dental procedures aim to fix all your concerns of chipped, cracked, broken, or discolored teeth and provide you with a healthy white smile. Some of the cosmetic procedures also restore your teeth and improve their functionality. You can visit our office and discuss your cosmetic requirements; we will design the best treatment options to meet your expectations. 

Teeth Whitening 

Teeth whitening is the most famous cosmetic dental procedure. The process whitens your teeth by removing the build-up of plaque, tartar, and other substances from their surface. Discolored teeth are an embarrassing situation that may stop some of you from smiling in public. Under this procedure, we clean your teeth using a dental-grade whitening agent comprising hydrogen peroxide. The results are incredible. Visit us for teeth whitening twice a year to maintain your pearly white smile

Dental Veneer


This procedure is often referred to as the gold standard in cosmetic dentistry. They are thin wafer-like shells that we fit on the frontal surface of your teeth. Veneers may be used for several concerns – small chips or cracks in your teeth, excessive gaps between them, or severely discolored teeth. During the procedure, we file down the enamel of your teeth a little bit and then take the impressions. We create customized veneers that fit your teeth to perfection. This restoration requires minimum maintenance. 

Dental Bonding 

Under this procedure, tooth-colored resin-like material is applied to your teeth, followed by hardening with special laser light. The material bonds well with your teeth. Afterward, we trim, shape, and polish it to match your remaining natural teeth. Dental bonding is used to restore your chipped, decayed, cracked, or misshapen teeth. 

Dental Crowns 

A dental crown is used to replace the outer surface of a decayed or damaged tooth above your gum line, thus restoring its shape, size, strength as well as appearance. This procedure also keeps your weak teeth from breaking. We also use crowns to hold your cracked teeth together. Cosmetically, dental crowns may be opted to cover your severely discolored or misshapen teeth. These restorations are made in several materials – resin, ceramic, porcelain, porcelain-fused-to-metal, and so on. 

Dental Implants 

Implants are titanium-like studs acting as artificial tooth roots. We insert them into the bone socket of your missing teeth. Once your jawbone starts growing properly, implants fuse well to it, thus becoming a foundation for your replacement teeth (crown). 


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