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teeth whitening 

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Stained teeth affect your smile the most. Over time, your teeth get stained for many reasons – several foods, drinks, smoking cigarettes, alcohol, diseases, and medication. They may steal the natural color of your teeth, thus making them yellow. Stained or discolored teeth make you feel conscious while smiling in public. We carry out teeth whitening to whiten your yellow teeth. This non-invasive procedure gives you back your pearly white smile. We recommend visiting us for teeth whitening once every six months to maintain your smile. 

Who Requires Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is a suitable procedure for all individuals who want to get a pearly white smile. Although everyone may opt for this procedure, you are a good candidate for it if:

  • Your teeth are healthy and in good condition.

  • Your gums are healthy.

  • You opt for teeth cleaning regularly.

  • You are prepared to ignore foods and beverages that can re-stain your teeth.

  • You do not have dental fillings.

What are the Different Teeth Whitening Options?

Various options of teeth whitening are available; bleaching happens to be the most common among them. Bleaching of teeth is suited for patients who have yellow teeth or yellow undertones. For brown or gray teeth, other teeth whitening options are used. If your teeth are extremely mottled, we may also perform a fluoride treatment to treat them. We design a treatment plan after checking the condition of your teeth and knowing about your dental requirements.

How is the Procedure Performed?

You do not have to keep visiting us repeatedly for the procedure. Our in-office teeth whitening treatment is quick and finishes in a single sitting only. Before starting the procedure, we will cover your gums, lips, and tongue with a protective barrier so that only your teeth are exposed for the whitening gel.


The procedure involves the application of a tooth whitening gel comprising 25-40 percent of hydrogen peroxide. We will keep this gel on the surface of your teeth for some time and then use a special heating lamp three times, at an interval of 20 minutes. We will also keep checking the effects of the whitening gel on your teeth. If they require more whitening, we will reapply the gel and use the laser. We will rinse your teeth thoroughly, and the incredible results can be seen immediately.


After your teeth whitening procedure, we will also give you an at-home teeth whitening kit and other instructions to maintain your smile. 

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