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tooth extraction

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Tooth extractions refer to the removal of your teeth from their roots. We may have to perform this procedure for many reasons, such as painful wisdom teeth or even your badly damaged teeth. In some cases, we also remove your teeth to perform other procedures like orthodontic treatment. We will take an X-ray of your teeth and decide whether you need a simple or surgical tooth extraction. 

Simple Tooth Extraction 

Simple tooth extraction is the removal of your teeth that are fully erupted and visible in your mouth. We carry out this procedure by administering a local anesthetic to numb the site of the surgery. After sedation, you feel more relaxed and comfortable. We use dental instruments to elevate the affected teeth and grasp their visible portion. The elevator loosens the teeth, after which we remove them using dental forceps

Surgical Tooth Extraction

Surgical tooth extraction is a more complicated procedure for it involves removing the teeth which are not easily accessible inside your mouth. For instance, we use this surgery to remove the impacted wisdom teeth which isn’t fully erupted. We also use surgical tooth extraction to remove the fractured teeth under your gum line. The procedure starts with making a small incision into the tissues surrounding your teeth so that the unerupted teeth are visible. We may also use an osteotome to remove the nearby jawbone so that the teeth may be fully extracted. In some cases of surgical extraction, we may have to section the teeth into multiple fragments to remove them completely. 

What Happens After Surgery? 

Both these surgeries have a recovery period. It takes a few days to recover fully after tooth extraction. We will suggest some after-care instructions to follow. 

  • Apply an ice pack on your cheek directly after the surgery to combat swelling. Please keep it for a minimum of fifteen minutes. 

  • We will also place gauze on the affected area to control bleeding. Change the gauze every 3-4 hours to keep the site dry and free from blood. 

  • To reduce pain and inflammation, we will prescribe some pain-relieving medication. Take them as per the dosage. 

  • Do not eat hard or sticky foods for two days after the surgery. Avoid consuming too hot or too cold foods and beverages. 

  • Do not drink alcohol, smoke, or perform any strenuous activity for two days after the surgery. 

  • Follow your regular oral care regimen, but be careful while brushing and flossing the site of tooth extraction. 

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