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Missing teeth can affect your life in numerous ways. Apart from impacting your aesthetic appearance, missing teeth also lead to several other concerns like difficulty speaking and chewing your food. Dentures are one of the most popular restorative options for your missing teeth and surrounding tissues. You may opt for this treatment in case of losing your natural teeth during an accident, injury, gum disease, and tooth decay.

What are the Benefits of Dentures?

  • Dentures help to enhance your facial appearance by avoiding the sagging of the mouth.

  • We create them to resemble your natural teeth. Thus, dentures, in no way, look artificial.

  • It becomes easy to perform your daily activities like biting and chewing food, talking, etc. This treatment option improves the functionality of your teeth.

  • Dentures are an affordable treatment option, and if taken care of properly, they last longer than expected.


What are the Types of Dentures?

Complete Dentures also known as full dentures, they replace all your natural teeth. We fit them on the top or bottom of your gumline. Complete dentures are held in place using an oral adhesive or suction and may be in the form of immediate or


conventional dentures normally takes 8-12 weeks for the preparation of conventional dentures; whereas, immediate dentures are made in advance and positioned as soon as we remove your natural teeth.


Partial Dentures do not replace all of your teeth. We also use partial dentures when your surrounding natural teeth are not strong enough to aid other dental restorations like bridges. Partial dentures include replacement teeth attached to a gum-colored acrylic base. We connect them with a metal framework, and they prevent your adjoining teeth from altering their position.

How are Dentures Prepared?

The fabrication of dentures may take a few visits to the dentist's practice. Earlier, artificial teeth were made using plastic and porcelain. However, dentures these days are made using hard resin. The material used to make the teeth is fragile. Hence you are expected to care properly for your dentures.

  • We will take a series of impressions and measurements of your jaw. This will be done using a digital scanning device, providing perfect measurements and contour.

  • Once all the measurements are taken, we will create models, plastic or wax forms in the exact size and shape of the dentures. You will be asked to try this model multiple times for fitting. In the meantime, we will assess your dentures for shape, size, and colors before casting the final one.

  • We will cast a final denture. If required, we will make the adjustments accordingly.

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