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root canal

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Root canal treatment is one of the most commonly performed procedures we do almost every day. If you have pain in your teeth and a sensation of heat and swelling in your gums, you might require a root canal treatment to eliminate the pain and restore the appearance and function of your teeth. 

What is Root Canal Treatment? 

We perform root canal treatment on your teeth when the infection has reached the pulp, the soft inner part of your teeth, causing inflammation. We remove the bacteria from the root canal, clean, disinfect, and seal it to prevent reinfection, and save your natural tooth through this treatment. You can restore chewing, normal biting force, and the natural appearance of your teeth by undergoing root canal treatment.


When Do I Need A Root Canal?

  • If you have persistent pain in your teeth

  • If your teeth are feeling sensitive to heat and cold

  • If your gums are swollen or getting dark

  • If your teeth have become discolored 

  • If you feel pain on chewing or touching your teeth

  • If your teeth are cracked or chipped 

  • If your teeth are loosening 

  • If you have a deep cavity 

Root Canal Treatment Procedure 

Anesthetic - We start by giving you a small amount of anesthesia on the gums near the affected teeth to make the process painless. Once the anesthesia comes into effect, you will not feel even the slightest discomfort during the treatment. 


Removing the Pulp - We make a small opening on top of your teeth to expose the infected pulp once the affected teeth are numb. We remove the infected pulp using special tools known as files and clean the root canals carefully. 


Antibiotics - After thoroughly cleaning the canal, we coat the entire area with a topical antibiotic to remove every trace of infection and prevent reinfection. After cleaning and disinfecting your root canals, we fill and seal them with gutta-percha and sealer paste. 

Temporary Filling - Finally, we seal the small opening made on top of your teeth with a soft, temporary filling material to keep your saliva from entering the canals and damaging them. We prescribe oral antibiotics and over-the-counter pain medications to ensure optimum healing.


Follow-up - We will take an x-ray to ensure that the infection is gone. If yes, we permanently fill your teeth and take measurements for the crowns and send them to the lab. We permanently cement them over your teeth on receiving them.

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